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Security protection for construction sites is a necessity in these times. Secure your construction site with USIG asset protection guards, who are highly-trained, experienced, courteous and dependable.

Based on your directives and our expertise, USIG will assess, customize, develop and enforce the most ideal and cost-effective security procedures. These procedures are designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your security policies, and are tailored uniquely for your location.

Ultimate Security Guard Services include:

•   Entrance Guard Gate Security

•   Greet contractors/vendors/visitors

•   Login & logout contractors/visitors/vendors/vehicles/deliveries

•   Patrol premises

•   Flagman Security Service (optional)

•   Golf Cart Security Patrol (optional)

•   Deter & eliminate any possible threat or danger to the site


Our guards are trained to take detailed and thorough hourly reports when working their shift.  Reports are sent directly to supervisor and if wanted client’s managers.  Our extensive back office includes QR Scan Reports, Hourly Reports, Maintenance Reports, GPS Tracking, GPS Officer Sign In/Out.  All of which are customizable to managers.

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