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Security plays a major role in the success of hotels, motels and resorts. As a manager of such places, your number one concern is more than likely the safety of your guests, especially in high populated areas and tourist attractions. USIG officers are well groomed, well trained and have professional demeanor along with excellent customer service skills.

Our security officers will actively patrol the entire premises, checking all doors and staircases ensuring the locks are locked.  USIG officers will provide a safe environment for patrons and employees.  You will have access to a supervisor 24 hours a day.

The following list is some of the services Ultimate Security can provide:

•   Alarm Monitoring

•   Uniformed Security Guards

•   Armed or Unarmed Security Guards

•   Roving Security Guards

•   Stationary Security Guards

•   CPR

•   First Aid

•   Parking Enforcement

•   Response Services



​Our guards are trained to take detailed and thorough hourly reports when working their shift.  Reports are sent directly to supervisor and if wanted the client’s managers.  Our extensive back office includes QR Scan Reports, Hourly Reports, Maintenance Reports, GPS Tracking, GPS Officer Sign In/Out.  All of which are customizable to managers.

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