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Whether you need security guards at a fair, concert, car show, craft show, trade show, or any other special event, USIG has the knowledge and staff available.

When you get groups of people from different walks of life in the same vicinity, you may need security. USIG has the experience needed to provide the best safety and security guard services. We offer armed and unarmed security guards for your special event.

USIG will provide you with professionalism and expertise when providing our security guards to your function.

The following is a list of service Ultimate Security can provide:

•   Armed Security Guards

•   Unarmed Security Guards

•   Conflict Resolution

•   Crowd Control

•   Login & logout employees/contractors/vendors

•   Report all illegal activities & hazards to Management

•   Patrol premises & enforce event rules

•   Complete Incident Reports

•   Abide by the Federal, State and Local laws & regulations

•   Traffic Control / Parking Attendants


​Our guards are trained to take detailed and thorough hourly reports when working their shift.  Reports are sent directly to supervisor and if wanted client’s managers.  Our extensive back office includes QR Scan Reports, Hourly Reports, Maintenance Reports, GPS Tracking, GPS Officer Sign In/Out.  All of which are customizable to managers.

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